Overwhelmingly Positive Response to the FED National Education Summit

Alison Peacock 'In Conversation With' Carl Ward

Our FED National Education Summit ran from 1st – 4th March and provided a unique and in-depth examination of our education system through a long-term lens.

Those who attended were both inspired and encouraged by the themes, the calibre of those speakers who contributed from this country and Internationally, and supportive of the neutral space offered by the FED to help shape the future. 

We thought we would share some comments that attendees made:

“What a fabulous FED Summit, there has been nothing like it before – ever”

“The quality of everything in the event was quite exceptional”

“One of the most distinguished virtual gatherings of national and international education leaders ever held”

“Thank you…what a week. So inspirational and thought-provoking”

“A fantastic week. Hopefully, a step in the right direction for everyone on common ground, focussing on (what) we all have in common regardless of political or pedagogical ideology”

“What’s great about this event is hearing from such diverse voices and realising that much of the policies that I personally don’t rate have been carried out often from a place of decency”

“This platform is new to me – and the diversity of voices and experiences ..is critical in moving education forward”

“I feel inspired and revitalised, the summit has been the best conference i have ever attended”

“Well done for pulling off the biggest education summit ever held.  The conversations were inspiring”

“Such a fantastic event – cleverly balanced reflecting on the past and looking hopefully and practically to the future”

“An extraordinary insightful and motivating conference”

The support we have received and the unanimity of the speaker response during the FED Summit has shown that the time is right to create a renewed enduring vision for our education system – one that will serve us well over the next decade.  The children, young people and lifelong learners across our country deserve a long-term plan for our education system – if we don’t work together to develop this, we will simply be letting them down.  A long-term plan that has comprehensive and joined-up thinking to create an environment that will take communities and this country’s economic and social development forward over the next decade.    

For those of you that missed some sessions of the Summit or were not able to attend, the whole summit will soon go live on our website soon so you can view it at your leisure.  

If you are not already, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and join our online conversations about a long-term vision and plan for education. 

The months ahead will be important in many ways and during this time the FED will continue to work hard to press the need for a long-term vision and plan for our education system, to support our children, young people and life-long learners out of the pandemic and into the next decade.

Please join us in our ‘neutral ground’ to make this simple objective a reality.


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