FEDNES Day 1 – ‘Developing Our Education System After Covid-19’ with Andreas Schleicher

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A keynote speaker on Day 1 of FED’s National Education Summit, Andreas Schleicher shares his knowledge and understanding of the way that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted education and the way that we learn, and how when we can use this to change and develop our education systems for the better.

Making key reference to the way that the world is going to change over the next years, Andreas recognises that we cannot predict the things that will disrupt our education systems in the future, but we can rather be open and prepared for the fact that they will ultimately need to change to fit the world that we live in.

Looking at the way that we teach, Andreas recognises the key changes that need to happen in our ways of learning to expand beyond linear spaces and time to develop the different realms of learning, looking deeply into the emergence of artificial intelligence.

A with numerous notably interesting studies, Andreas highlights overall the strengths and weaknesses in our systems, and draws thinking to the concept of change.

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