FEDNES Day 2 – ‘Education Beyond Physical Space’ with Al Kingsley & Charlie Radman

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On Day 2 of FED’s National Education Summit, keynote speakers Al Kingsley and Charlie Radman come together to discuss how education has changed in recent times due to the pandemic, but also recognising the staggering number of students who do not have access to an education before this began.

Living in a world wheree 86% of teachers in the US are partially or fully teaching online, Charlie looks deeply into the ways that countries across the world have adapted to learning, acknowledging the challenges and opportunities that have been raised in education due to Covid-19, and the impact that technology has had on learning overall.

Continuing the discussion, Al raises a number of key questions around the way that education professionals have adapted to this new way of learning and grasped technology in such unpredictable times, how we can offer more support to empower teachers through professional development and how we can adapt our methods to ensure that we are offering the best forms of learning, not just at home, but when we are back in the classroom.

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