FEDNES Day 4 Panel Discussion – ‘How Can Business Help Make Education Better?’

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On Day 4 of FED’s National Education Summit, Sarah Sands chairs a discussion with CBI Presidents past and present: John Allan CBE, Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea CBE DL, current President CBI; Sir Roger Carr, Paul Drechsler CBE, and Sir Mike Rake.

The discussion focuses on the key question of ‘how can business help make education better?’ with the reflection that education is the catalyst for economic renewal building long term success in the system.

With all involved sharing a passion for education, the group discuss how from a business perspective we can ensure that we get the best possible return when viewing education as an investment.

Conversing as to whether the current education system feeds all vocations equally, the impact of Brexit on the talent that we attract and retain, the need to consider the further education sector alongside business and the reality of State Education only being around for 150 years and how we can build on these systems to make them fairer and more equal – amongst other defining subjects.

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