FEDNES Day 2 – ‘Building place based education for long-term renewal’

On Day 2 of FED’s National Education Summit, Dr Ann Limb CBE DL chaired a discussion between Dame Julia Cleverdon DCVO CBE and Lord Jim Knight focused on building place based education for long-term renewal. The discussion follows a sense that when education succeeds for individuals is a one way ticket out of town, and […]

FEDNES Day 2 – ‘Civic leadership’

On Day 2 of FED’s National Education Summit, Leora Cruddas was in conversation with Dawn Haywood, Sir John Townsley and Ed Vainker for a conversation on Civic Leadership. Leora raises questions around building a connected system around which trust leaders are civic leaders. Supported by the group, arguments are raised for supporting children pre-education to […]

FEDNES Day 2 – ‘What does the FE White Paper actually say about place?’

On Day 2 of FED’s National Education Summit, David Gallagher was in conversation with Professor Fiona Forbes discussing the FE white paper, released in January 2021. David shares his reactions to the white paper, calling it a roundup of the things that those in education already knew. Sharing his thoughts, he discusses the ways in […]

FEDNES Day 2 – ‘Mayoral perspectives on place based approaches for renewal’

On FEDNES Day 2 Dr Ann Limb CBE DL chairs a discussion with Cllr Abi Brown Leader of Stoke on Trent Council, Andy Burnham Mayor of Greater Manchester, Rokhsana Fiaz OBE Mayor of Newham and James Palmer Mayor ofCambridgeshire and Peterborough. The group discuss the issues that have been raised through the pandemic like the […]

FEDNES Day 2 – ‘International perspectives’

On Day 2 of FED’s National Education Summit, Gregg Behr, President of Grable Foundation and lead on Remake Learning, USA delivers a keynote sharing his experiences. In conversation with Dr Helena Singer and Flavio Bassi, experienced leaders about systems based approaches in Brazil. The group share their past experiences from all over the world to […]

FEDNES Day 2 – ‘Priorities for long term renewal in strengthening companies’

On Day 2 of FED’s National Education summit, Michael Stevenson OECD PISA Senior Advisor, chairs a discussion with Nicola McLeod and Henri Murison on the priorities for long-term renewal in strengthening communities. In a conversation about place based prosperity and the vital role of education and skills in making that happen, with key emphasis on […]

FEDNES Day 1 – ‘Lifelong and online learning – a view from HE’

On Day 1 of FED’s National Education Summit, Penny Rabiger and Rajay Naik engage in a conversation around learning in higher education. Both committed to the benefits of further education and lifelong learning, they discuss how we can break down the barriers that allow young people to feel they only have one shot at a […]

FEDNES Day 1 – ‘International perspectives’

On Day 1 of FED’s National Education Summit, chaired by Gavin Anderson and joined by Dr Rebecca Winthrop, Dr Karen Edge, Professor Fiona Forbes and Dr Pedro Noguera, the group shares their thoughts and experiences from an international perspective on the English education system. By looking deeply into the different things that we need to […]