Learning Beyond Classrooms with Alastair Falk and Gregg Behr

Gregg Behr

As we move into the second year of our work at the Foundation for Education Development (FED) and following the launch of the FED National Education Consultation Report, we hosted a roundtable discussion seeking to answer the theme ‘Learning beyond classrooms – from forest schools to the city as a classroom, what can we all learn from the world beyond the classroom walls?’ 

In this video, Alastair Falk (FED) asks Gregg Behr, Executive Director of The Grable Foundation, and co-chair of Remake Learning, a network of educators, scientists, artists, and makers he founded in 2007, to talk about what learning beyond the classroom means to him and what it is his experience. This thought-provoking and inspiring talk provides excellent insights and examples into how we can engage with the wider community and ignite passions in all our learners.


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