FEDNES Day 4 – ‘How do we achieve more enduring policy?’

On Day 4 of The Foundation for Education Developments National Education Summit, Patrick Wall is in conversation with Gina Cicerone of the FEA, Jonathan Simons of Public First, Hilary Spencer of Ambition Institute and Carole Willis of NFER. The group engage in discussions around how we can achieve more enduring policy, sharing their experiences, understanding […]

FEDNES Day 3 – ‘Building a culture of equity’

On Day 3 of FED’s National Education Summit, chaired by Dr Karen Edge and joined by Sam Butters, Joysy John and Joy Madeiros, the group discuss building a culture of equity in Education. Sharing their personal experiences, the group delve into their understanding of how equity should look in the education system today, and the […]

FEDNES – Download Summit Programme

For those who missed the Foundation for Education Development (FED) National Education Summit, you can download the programme here. To catch up on the events, you can now watch them here.